The economics of company and its proper and timely reporting is an important factor for its healthy functioning. This reporting is provided from the accountancy and it is therefore necessary to provide quality services in this area. We are team of people who are interested in this profession, and we strive to provide the client with timely and accurate information, which are key to decisions of the company management.

Further to accountancy we also offer auditing services, the obligation to certify the financial statement based on the following parameters (effective from 1.1.2010): "a) that is a trading company except joint-stock company if obligatorily creates share capital and cooperatives, if the date on which the financial statement is compiled and for the immediately preceding financial year are met at least two of these conditions:
• total assets exceeded 1 million euros, in which total amount of assets is defined as total assets ascertained from the balance sheet before adjustments for items according to § 26. 3,
•. net turnover exceeded 2 million euros, while net sales for this purpose are revenues generated from the sale of products, goods, services rendered and other revenues associated with the normal business of the entity after deduction of discounts,
• 3 average number of employees in one accounting period exceeded 30,

Client can also order a voluntary audit if he wants to get a high assurance about the accuracy of reporting, or other assurance services in accounting and reporting.

We have two offices, one in Nitra and the other one in Bratislava with parking spaces for our clients. We communicate in English and German and are fully responsible for our work with insurance in Allianz, Uniqa and Generali.

Yours faithfully, Ing Blanka Privalincová
Auditor, no. lic: 914
Managing Director

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