Accountancy - Bookkeeping


  • Double-entry bookkeeping, single-entry bookkeeping
  • VAT
  • Incl. a tax from EU
  • Processing income-tax return income tax of legal entity and personal income tax.
  • Consultancy within taxes and statements
  • wages

We give the guarantee within full extent. Favourable changes OR for the clients. Outputs in English, German.

Activity Description:

We use IT solutions within full extent at cooperation with a client, we are able to adapt to client´s requirements.

We use POHODA programme, which we are able to offer to a client in a form of mutual sharing, i.e. the client uses SW administratively, at invoice issuing, stock records, orders, received invoices, e-shop and etc., UDM AUDIT professionally regarding accountancy, wages, taxes.

An advantage is that a client knows actual information, e.g. on account condition, unsettled received or issued invoices, ongoing results and other, as required by the client.

Another possibility is working with SW POHODA in English.

We are fully responsible for our job, we represent a client in contacts with the institutions based on general power of representation.


From UDM AUDIT, the client is given electronic back-up of all tax documents and bookkeeping at the end of the year, thus having no problems with storing the documents in a paper form.

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